5 Reasons To Get Your Air Compressors From Lian Beng Machinery

Air compressors are handy devices that are incredibly versatile, as they can be used in a large variety of applications from construction tools like power drills and hammers, to industrial use like agriculture and manufacturing, as well as home use for tasks like pumping tires and pressure washing. Besides being energy-efficient, powerful, and convenient, air compressors are also able to operate silently. This makes air compressors great for indoor use on any scale, and a great machine to have for all sorts of tasks.

That being said, it can be difficult to find a trusted air compressor supplier in Singapore. A good air compressor supplier should provide a wide variety of high-quality machinery while offering after-care like air compressor servicing.

Lian Beng Machinery Co is the top air compressor supplier in Singapore, with other main markets in the USA, UK, Australia, Philippines, and Southeast Asia. From a wide range of industrial machinery to air compressors and parts, Lian Beng Machinery has it all. As the go-to air compressor supplier in Singapore, they are the best company to purchase your air compressor from.

Why You Should Get Air Compressors from Lian Beng Machinery Co.

1. Experienced Air Compressor Suppliers & Technicians
Founded in 1978, Lian Beng Machinery has over 40 years of experience with distributing all sorts of machinery to companies in various markets. The company houses experienced technicians and engineers that are dedicated to providing quality products and services to all clients. With their expertise and dedicated manufacturing facilities in China, they are able to target changing industry demands and constantly provide the best solutions for customers.

Being the sole supplier of MonsterAir compressors and other globally established air compressor brands, Lian Beng Machinery provides competitive air compressor prices on a wide catalog of air compressor types. This includes rotary-screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and oil-free air compressors.

2. Industrial Customization
With different requirements for every task and air compressor use, it is important to source an air compressor supplier in Singapore who can tailor each air compressor to your specific needs. Lian Beng Machinery’s team of technicians and engineers have years of experience in their respective fields and tap on their expertise to provide product customization for clients. Feel free to consult with their experts on the best options for your air compressor needs.

3. Excellent Aftercare Services
As an industry leader, Lian Beng Machinery differentiates itself from other air compressor suppliers in Singapore by going the extra mile for all clients. Their air compressors come with 2-year warranties, as well as free air compressor servicing for new purchases above $4,000. With many common air compressor issues you could face down the road, in which maintenance can be expensive, this makes for a great cost-effective solution to your air compressor needs.

They also put extra care towards providing top-notch customer service, with a one-day service response policy on all enquiries. No more delayed assistance and unresponsive air compressor suppliers!

4. Wide Range of Quality Air Compressors
Besides a wide variety of industrial machinery offered, Lian Beng Machinery offers all sorts of air compressor types. This includes belt-drive air compressors, direct-drive air compressors, oil-free air compressors, and even small portable air compressors. They also sell air compressor parts and tanks, which makes air compressor maintenance convenient and fuss-free.

The company distributes and supplies air compressors from MonsterAir, their home brand, alongside other top established brands from countries like Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. Brands they carry include Helvi, ELD, LGF, and Koyo.

5. Trusted Air Compressor Supplier in Singapore
With their long years of experience in manufacturing, distributing, and procurement of air compressors, it is no surprise that Lian Beng Machinery is the most trusted air compressor supplier in Singapore. Serving a long list of clients in the industrial and construction industries, Lian Beng Machinery has sold over 100,000 air compressor tanks – and counting!

Get Your Air Compressors From Lian Beng Machinery Co
If you’re looking for a reliable air compressor supplier in Singapore, Lian Beng Machinery Co is a great place to explore your options. Being a direct supplier of air compressors in Singapore, they have a broad catalog to choose from to meet your individual air compressor and machinery needs. They are the best one-stop shop for air compressors in Singapore – providing product sales and consultation, modification and fabrication, maintenance and repair, and parts and accessories.

Ready to begin your air compressor journey with Lian Beng Machinery? Get in touch with them now for support on your business!