An air compressor converts power by changing different fuel engines into potential energy, wherein stored energy comes out as pressurised or compressed air. It works with the help of an air compressor regulator to help control its ejection power. 

Air compressor uses include but are not limited to spray painting, pressure washing, manufacturing, workshops and construction. Depending on the industry and use, an air compressor is a handy tool even inside the home.

The four most common air compressor types are the rotary screw, centrifugal, axial and piston compressor. A special type of oil free air compressor is currently a market favourite as it requires no oil to use in the compression chamber which makes for cheaper and hassle-free care and maintenance. 

An air compressor Singapore price could range from  S$200 to S$3000 depending on the primary function, size and capacity. Meanwhile, compared to the regular air compressor price an oil free compressor Singapore price is actually less expensive and could save you more. 

Air compressor servicing in Singapore is not difficult to find. Most often, the supplier provides an aftersales service for their products. This helps in keeping the quality and standards of the air compressor machine.